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The Podcast where authenticity is celebrated, reality is honored and ideas challenged. The Strong and Capable Podcast explores what it means to be emotionally resilient in all areas of life as Host Brigette Heller interviews fabulous guest experts and shares what it looks like to become Strong and Capable.

"I believe all of us are strong and capable, that we have passion and purpose....but sometimes we forget it."

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My Name is Brigette Heller and I am the Founder of The Strong and Capable. Do you ever have those moments where you wake up and wonder how you got to where you are? Or maybe your doing life, and it’s even pretty great, but you feel like your just moving through the motions and reacting to life instead of LIVING it? Me too…. but that is a lame place to be and I wasn’t ok being stuck there. Through 20 years of learning, I decided it was time to share with you how to overcome the worst moments, discovers your best self and live a life that you actually enjoy. Hope your ready, because it’s time to become Strong and Capable

Helping You Create Fresh Views

We focus on 4 areas of building strength and emotional resilience

What is emotional Resilience and why do I need it?

There is a silent epidemic happening in our homes, workplace, and minds. It’s an epidemic of stress, isolation, depression and fear. Over 60% of Americans say they are lonely and less than 30% of people are considered emotionally resilient in the workforce. Emotional resilience is the ability or process or bounce back from adversity and roadblocks that come into our life. No one asks for obstacles, but they happen anyway, when we don’t have to ability to reset and and grow through the struggles, stress levels are higher, mental health suffers, relationships fall apart and even our physical health is effected.


What if we could change the way we view ourselves and the world? What if there were tools to help us conquer the struggles and even enjoy learning through our challenges? Guess what- there ARE! Emotional resilience and emotional intelligence can be learned and The Strong and Capable method can lead the way.


The result of learning healthy tools and habits of becoming emotionally resilient is worth your time. You will develop closer relationships, healthier habits, passion and purpose in life. When someone is at the peak of emotional intelligence they even become more spiritual! Your best vision of and reality for your home, relationship, work environment, is not far away… it’s just needs 1 fresh view at a time to get you there.

How to Become Strong and Capable

Online Communities

To become emotionally resilient you need a place of belonging like our AWAKE community or the ready to L.E.A.D Mastermind

Online Courses

These courses can be taken at your own pace and provide a foundation to build your emotional resilience on

Live Events

There is something magical that happens when a group of people gather for a specific purpose, our live events not only teach and uplift but bring people and causes together.

Apparel, journals and much more

The Strong and Capable is not just a company, it's a ways of living. by purchasing our journals, shirts, hats and any other merchandise. you are choosing to embrace the strong and capable identity.