our why

Each person is Strong and Capable and has a purpose. Adversity in our life is inevitable, but these adverse moments can confuse and wear us down until our life, faith, relationships, and purpose are forgotten or we feel that happiness is always just out of reach. In the Strong and Capable, we believe that each person is meant to contribute to the world in a unique and meaningful way, and that in order to live a life of purpose and passion we must become emotionally resilient and develop our emotional intelligence.

There is an epidemic of self loathing and despair in the world, more that 58% of people say they are lonely and depression rates are higher than ever before. It is our mission to impact as many individuals as possible and empower them with the knowledge and tools so that they can process daily obstacles in order to stop the destructive and harmful patterns showing up in individuals, families and the world place. It is our goal to help individuals see their potential and utilize those gifts to serve others.

We have made it our purpose to provide help to each individual we connect with as they discover or redefine their individual identity, learn where they are going in life, and determine an intentional path to get there.

It is our mission to redefine what “strength” means in the world and provide tools for leaders to build communities, families, and businesses with intention. No longer should leaders push until they are exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A new time is here in which we choose intentional living, where we claim our divinely given attributes, stop generational beliefs and traumas so that we can build emotional resilience which will then empower individuals to impact the world to the fullest of our abilities



Giving Back

We are all human learning, living and growing together. When we choose service with an open heart, we are changed.

A core belief of The Strong and Capable is that when you are healed- it’s our duty to help heal others. At the heart of our mission is to serve and love those who cannot help themselves in some way. The wheelchair bound, those struggling with debilitating mental illness, men and women who have found themselves in a place they cannot heal on their own, this population NEEDS us to step up and out of our homes and fears. They need us to see them, help heal them and teach them a new way.

As you serve this population you will find that we learn more from them then we can ever give in return.

At each Strong and Capable retreat service projects are done with the attendees to help them reach outside of themselves and serve those. If you have had the opportunity to serve in a community home for those with disabilities or in a homeless shelter, you know that the experience is soul changing.


About Founder Brigette Heller

Brigette Heller is a Motivational Speaker, Emotional Resilience Coach, Internationally Syndicated Speaker and The Next Great American Speaker Semi Finalist. Driven by personal experiences and a strong passion for empowering women, she runs a successful podcast, “The Strong and Capable,” and membership program, “The Queens Circle.” Brigette said, “It’s time to put a stop to the cycles of shame and hurt of questioning our worth. It’s time to understand who we are, where our identity is leading us and the action you need to take to get there.”

Brigette teaches Emotional Resilience tools for men and women who are seeking to live with purpose and meaning as she opens doors for her clients to step into leadership roles with confidence while taking care of their mental health, spiritual, social and emotional health while strengthening their emotional resilience. Using her “Three Step Strong and Capable Process,”

At each stage of her life, she has either sought out or been asked to take leadership roles. From her own side hustles, to various school PTA’s and nonprofit boards in her church community, Brigette has always been involved in a wide array of leadership positions.

In her personal life, with her husband and best friend, Mike, Brigette has raised a family of three independent children and two loveable dogs. Brigette loves to read every free kindle book she can find, teaches the piano, sings, serves the youth in her church, and occasionally dresses up as a Disney princess.