Hey you.

If you are like me- your curious heart leads you to this page to find out a little more, you want to know the why, the background of this blonde girl, and the how of it all.

With this in mind, I thought I would share a bit of the story, a piece of my heart for you to know why my passion is for helping you navigate, who, where, and how you are going to be in this life.

I actually wrote this twice, the first time was multiple pages and dove into the history of my life. You don’t want to know, and if you do- then you can buy the book when it comes out. HA.

But the thing is, the path of how I came to be the face of a podcast, 2 communities and a Motivational speaker is complicated. It didn’t happen overnight or just magically come together.

I have always been different, never felt like I belonged, somehow too big for my own skin, and yet so full of fear that I would hide from anything and everyone. Literally, Santa scared me when I was little!

He was so loud and big and bright, it was too much for my sensitive soul.

It wasn’t until my adult life when I realized this emotion and fear had a name, it is called anxiety. Anxiety tells you your worst fears and seeks evidence to confirm them. It takes over your every thought and then affects every action and interaction. It was debilitating. 

I have spent my life learning to make it a superpower instead of my kryptonite.

As a young adult, I had a strong connection to God, through abuse, bullying, and intense family situations. God was and is my anchor. Through him, I learned Who I am, Where I am going and found a road map of How to get there.

BUT, this made me stick out more as the odd-ball I felt I was, disconnected me from peers my age. I learned a lot about being comfortable with my own self when there was no other option.

I worked as a telemarketer at 14 for my dad’s company learning customer service and healthy business practices. I started my own business at 18 and expanded it to multiple locations and states hiring a staff of over 20. I was married that same year, and we converted the business to a wedding planning business doing events out of our mall location storefront. We did 30 weddings in one summer.

Even as I felt odd, I fought to develop myself to find purpose in the chaos of life. So when after having two kids 17 months apart and falling into a deep depression, an acquaintance and later a good friend invited me to “a class in the basement” I went because I was lost and needed anything.

I found everything in that class. I learned Love and Logic for my kids and me. I learned Mindset techniques, I learned about God’s endless love. I started to face some of my past trauma and understand why it was still impacting me. In the class, the teacher Kathleen Wilson said to us “there will come a time when no woman in this room will be in this same place, from here you will move and spread out, it’s your responsibility to teach these things wherever you go” I knew it to be true then and now, I have taught her curriculum countless times and expanded it as I continued to research and learn. 

It’s important to understand, I know you because this didn’t just HAPPEN, I lost and found myself a million times in the last 20 years and I know the journey of coming home to yourself is difficult and rewarding all at once. After closing our wedding business to stay home with the kids,  I continued to lead in every organization I found from the PTA to the Celiac Disease Foundation in Arizona, to many leadership callings in church I always found myself starting in a minor position and raised to VP or President within a year, I know organizations, I know people and I want to help grow a good cause.

This made me somewhat indispensable to the organizations I worked with.  In my most recent corporate job, I found myself on a journey from secretary to Assistant Director to Community Liaison in charge of everything from state reporting to community events. I loved the people I worked with, I hated the conditions of working in a school. 4 years was all my mental health could take. 

I continued to create business opportunities, I taught piano to over 35 students (still teach to this day!), I made baby tutus on my daughter’s kids’ sewing machine and went to local boutiques to sell them. I was told I look like a certain Ice Queen so many times that I started singing and dressing up for parties. I made cakes for events, you name it- I have probably TRIED it and learned from it to support my family.

8 years ago, we received a call on Christmas day that my sister 18 months younger than me was very sick and most likely to die.

This is a defining moment in my life.

This is a defining moment in my life. If you listen to almost any podcast you will hear me refer to it. You can hear the story here.

I rushed to the hospital and spent the next week by her side and her body shut down.

She was scared. In her final moments, I felt a desperation to comfort her, I thought of the words I often told myself which I had written in that first mindset class and said to her “Aubrey, you are Strong and Capable, you can do this, we love you, it’s ok to let go”.

I repeated them over and over.

She passed, I found myself drifting and lost. What did it all mean? Did it matter all this work I had done? Did my 3 beautiful children and husband even need me – really? I was in a deeper depression than I had ever been.

A few months later, as I sat in church ready to completely give up and feeling guilty for not even finding hope in the place that should offer it. I heard my sister’s voice clear as day, felt her hands and knew she was there. She said to me “Brigette- YOU are strong and capable, get up and go to work”. She said it three times. I cried, ugly cried. And then thought “what the heck does that even mean!?”

My wonderful family

This website, my community, the classes and speaking engagements- all ultimately come from this moment. From me -the unlikely shy girl-  stepping up and saying “ I have experience with this- let me help” and then producing results. 

This IS my life’s work, my purpose. I don’t have a degree, I don’t have a $20,000 certification. I am not promising you that I can answer ALL your problems. But I offer my heart and I offer my full arsenal of knowledge and experience. I have fought for what I know, I have researched and lived and experienced it. I know abuse, trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, isolation, narcissism, I know suicide attempts and bipolar, I know ADHD and spectrum struggles, PTSD, and the list goes on. But more importantly, I know love, I know hope, I know light. I fight for it every day in a world that is ever giving up and cloaking themselves with darkness hoping it will ease the pain for real life. Life, even in the struggles, doesn’t have to be dark.

If you are still reading, you might realize I am not going to approach coaching or communication in the typical way. I come to you with true authenticity and a desire for you to look in the mirror and ADORE the person you see. I want you to stand at the head of the board room with light and confidence. I want you to be the person you were destined to be. I will help you uncover the light that’s hidden in the layers of life experiences and I will teach you how to turn to yourself and the divine to start shining again. I believe we are divine. I believe we have a purpose and mine is to help you with yours. 

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