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Hope Summit is not just an event;it's an experience. A call to action, to the helpers and healers of the world. A rallying cry for hope in a world that feels dark.


What the Attendees will receive


Rediscover your purpose and find healing for the burnout that often accompanies your selfless service. The Hope Summit is a beacon of light, reminding you that your mission is vital.

Tools for Impactful Conversations

Gain practical tools to have meaningful conversations with those you serve. Learn to navigate challenging dialogues with empathy and effectiveness.

Sustainable Massive Impact

Discover ways to have a massive impact on the world without draining your physical and emotional energy. This event is about empowering you to make a lasting difference without compromising your well-being.

Opportunities to Serve

HOPE TIMES A MILLION. Participate in small acts of service throughout the event, reminding you that even the smallest effort can contribute to a greater good.- We are going to LIGHT the world with a million sparks of hope.

Network and Belonging

Connect with like-minded individuals, form meaningful connections, and become part of a movement that is actively doing good in the world. You’re not alone; you’re part of a community making a positive impact.

Life-Changing Conversations:

In a world where darkness can be overwhelming, the Hope Summit is a reminder that each person, each effort, matters. The conversations at the Hope Summit are not just discussions; they are life-changing. Walk away with insights, strategies, and a renewed sense of purpose that will transform both your personal and professional life. 

The Hope Summit is an incredible event that encapsulates the power of action and hope in an increasingly dark world. It is a beacon of light that inspires and motivates people to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them; And at the heart of this message lies the idea that one spark is all it takes to ignite a fire of hope and possibility that can transform everything.

So the question remains: ARE YOU THE SPARK?

Do you have the courage and determination to step forward and take action? The future is in your hands, and every little thing you do makes a difference. Whether you’re volunteering at a local charity, donating to a worthy cause, or simply spreading the word about the power of hope, you have the potential to make a lasting impact on the world. So let your light shine and be the spark that brings hope and change to our dark and troubled world.

Hope is always more fun when you act in hope WITH your favorite Co-workers, Friends, Family and Church Family. In this event, we are focused on helping members of our society who already are beacons of light, who may be overwhelmed or feel like their capacity has been wiped out. 

We are marketing to the medical community, first responders, churches and teachers- we believe thes in credible human are the foundation of hope in our society.


A small spark can light a fire.

People are hurting. We live in a world that is isolating, divided and overwhelming.

But “Hope is the last thing that dies”

Where there is kindness, there is hope

Where there are dreams, there is hope

Where there is LIGHT, there is hope and hope is the spark before the fire

When you seek light, you become hope

         When faith feels too far, CHOOSE HOPE..

-Brigette Heller

Founder- The Strong and Capable

The power of ONE

100,000 thousand virtual attendees, 1,300 in person attendees. This isn’t just an event, it is a MOVEMENT of motivated individuals determined to FEEL hope and BRING hope into the world. “Hope times a million”? No problem- together- we got this!

What you will experience


Not everyone gets it- YOU DO. Each of us has potential to leave the world a better place, to impact in the way only YOU can.. Some call it divine potential, others call it a mission or calling. Whatever you call it, we at The Strong and Capable believe the world will be much darker without you stepping FULLY into your true passions and potential. 

The Hope summit is about gathering like-minded individuals who believe each person matters, each story matters and that each of us have something to offer. It’s about learning effective tools that will help us be and do good things in the world. It’s about supporting and celebrating organizations that are already spreading hope and light so that we can impact the world immediately. 

Already speaking at the event:

Brigette Heller


Founder of The Strong and Capable, Host of multiple Podcasts. Brigette believes the world is full of light. Her mission is to Help others see the light within themselves so that they can BE THE GOOD in the world

Drew Blackwood


Psychologist, coach and speaker, Dr. Drew has made it is passion and mission to speak about Mental health with honestly and grace. He brings to the table real resources and tools to naviagte mental health for self and those your love.

Michelle Barr

Coach Speaker

Coach. speaker and author, Michelle is all about creating your NEXT BIG MOVE. She empowers those in her community with mindset and spiritual tools to help them create a life that exceeds all expectations.

Not just an event- this is an EXPERIENCE

Having a booth at this event isn’t just a promotional win; it’s a decision to embrace hope, rediscover purpose, and become part of a movement that’s changing lives. When you partner with us at the Hope summit, your brand will be seen by 100,000 + attendees before, during and after the event.

The 1,300 in person attendees and Strong and Capable Staff will be onsite with free time each day to shop and eat. Not only will you have a built in crowd, but we will be promoting the boutique to the community as well!

Day 1

Morning Session and Afternoon Session

9:00- 11:30 The morning is PACKED with music, hope moments and 10 speakers who are ready to DELIVER! Get your notebooks our and get ready to impact. We start with hope and leave with purpose. From 1:30-4:00 MST we are back! Make sure to rest, shop and get some good food in between, because the speakers and performers are bringing it again in Session 2


Friday is your day to shine for our attendees who will be on site all day. The public is also welcome to come at any time. The boutique will run from 10-5 on Friday at 9-1 on Saturday

Day 2


Day 2  9-12:00 MST, we gear up for a massive morning of impact. Get ready for our concluding speakers and performers to bring life-changing tools and stories of hope. To wrap up the experience,  we will end with awarding the HOPE awards to an individual, Non- Profit and for Profit companies who bring light into their communities.


Day 2 will bring more of the public and our 1,300 attendees once again!


We are looking to collaborate with companies, speakers and performers who want to make a lasting and positive impact on the world. You probably have questions, hopefully we can answer some of those below. Once you have read through the information please reach out to us: Info@thestrongandcapable.com
  • Date and Time: April 12th from 9 AM to 5 PM with an evening event at 7:00, and April 13th from 9 AM to 12:00, 2023.

  • Location: Join us in person at Mission Church, 4450 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234, or virtually from the comfort of your home.

  • Free Virtual Access: The event is entirely free for our virtual audience. Virtual VIP tickets are also available for those seeking additional perks.

The stadium seating allows for 1,300 in person attendees. The Strong and Capable team is hard at work reaching out to churches and first responders across the nations and inviting them to this FREE Virtual event. Our goal is 100,000 virtual attendees.

Our team is reaching out to the “helpers and healers” of this world which we consider as the following: Teachers, Medical staff, first responders and coaches.

We’re not just hosting an event; we’re creating an experience. Expect music, art, and interactive workshops that go beyond typical speaker engagements. 

We at The Strong and Capable organization are not interested in putting on typical events, instead we believe in creating experiences that open minds and impact individuals. This event is about SPARKING and SPREADING light as far as possible in individuals and communities. With that in mind, there will be music, artists, “Moments of hope” where we provide opportunities for those attending to actually take action on the hope they feel. We are partnering with Companies that have a vision of a better future and who know that every person can make a difference.

We believe every presentation should either have a story of hope or the speaker should have an educational background to teach on hope. We do not want our speakers to speak AT the attendees, we are much more interested in creative workshops that will be impactful both with our in person attendee and virtual attendees. If you have more questions on this vision, please email us at: info@thestrongandcapable.com or speak to The Strong and Capable Team member you are working with.

We believe that we can offer you MANY things that can be valuable to you as a company and as partners in Hope, here are a few:

  1. A booth at our vendor fair for you to sell any products at
  2. An Affiliate code will be given to you, any tickets sold under your code will bring a 10% of the ticket profit paid directly to you!
  3. Exclusive access to our professional event photography and video of your time at Hope Summit and on stage
  4. Features in all social media involving the Hope Summit before and after  
  5. Along with all these other opportunities listed above. We are focused on SPREADING LIGHT and GOODNESS, if you have a Non-profit you work with and would like us to support during the event- please email us: info@thestrongandcapable.com or reach out to The Strong and Capable Team member you have been working with. We will be doing “Fund runs” for these particular charities thorough out the event.
  6. AN SO MUCH MORE, there are endless ways we can highlight and feature your company at this massive event, let’s create something truly spectacular together.

YES! Our goal is “Hope times a million” for virtual attendees, It is TOTALLY FREE. If you are not someone who believes in collaboration and the vision for this event enough to share it- we are not interested in having you as a partner in hope.

But don’t worry, we will make it easy on you. Creating social media posts and promotions and tagging you, all you have to do is share it!


In the Strong and Capable community, we believe there is beauty in all cultures and beliefs. As such, this is not an event associated with any 1 religion: however, Speakers, performers and attendees may choose to share their individual beliefs in effort to bring hope to those who have similar thoughts. We encourage our speakers and performers to be authentically themselves. 

  • Nominate your favorite “hope warrior”, business or non-profit for our Hope summit awards
  • Become a part of Team Hope! Reach out to Brigette@thestrongandcapable.com to find out more.
  • Apply to be a Speaker: Share your story and insights to inspire others.

  • Become a Sponsorship Partner: Support the Hope Summit and align your brand with a movement of hope.

  • Sign up for Updates: Stay informed about the latest Hope Summit news and announcements.

If there are special needs of any kind, please reach out to The Strong and Capable team by emailing info@thestrongandcapable.come

In a world that’s hurting, divided, and overwhelming, hope is the lifeline. Don’t just be a spectator; be a participant in spreading a million flames of hope. Reserve your seat now for updates and be part of as epic movement that’s going to change the world. joining together as warriors of light is urgent, impactful, and absolutely necessary. We’ll see you at the Hope Summit

Where hope meets impact.

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