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The Connected in Christ Podcast aims to unite God’s children in love, service and worship through Connection in Christ. 

It is a unique podcast comprised of several Inner-faith biblical hots who hold discussions, exploring the journey of how we connect to Christ individually and collectively.

“Worship how you may- but worship HIM”- Elizabeth Baker

Meet our Hosts:

Tanja Bentley Ward

Dr. Andrew Blackwood

Brigette Heller

Jazzael Taylor

Elizabeth Baker

Did you know that you can be mad at God for over 20 years and when you’re ready to talk with Him again, He meets you right where you’re at??

Tanja Co-founded a non-profit called Be the Light Mental Health Ministry, and started my own company, Helpers and Healers, where she helps the emotionally intelligent find their voice in this artificially intelligent world.

Tanja has been blessed with a partner that is walking this journey with her. He and I are investing in our new little family of 7 and seeking out God’s will for us, daily.

Husband, a father, a speaker, a coach, and more. The journey from insecurity and sadness to confidence and joy has enabled Coach Drew to journey with others with insight and compassion.

He believes we were all created to live confidently and with great joy! Each tragedy that unfolds in our world presents an opportunity for us to respond with compassion, strength, and love

Helping others live freely – this is what He does!

Speaker, Podcast Host of The Strong and Capable and lover of anything that sparkles. Brigette Enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids and her crazy dogs. 

She loves to travel and learn about new cultures and people and then create impactful events from all she learns. She has learned that Evidence of God is truly everywhere and in everything.

Ephesians 5:8 “...but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light.” (KJV)

Has learned that finding a community that supports, inspires and prays over each other is very important. she loves learning about God and asking questions, reading the Bible and wrestling with God over His teachings which guide us on the journey.

 Jazzael has a wonderful husband and two beautiful kiddos that continually support me to pursue all of my adventures.

Busy mom of 5 who loves Jesus Christ. Elizabeth has found that the more she talks about Christ the deeper her testimony grows.  Elizabeth loves learning about the history and languages of the scriptures and sharing all she learns with those in her life. 

Philippians 4:13  ” “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (KJV)


Our goal is to help others study scriptures, healing the disconnection between cultures and faiths and uniting them.

When you join us on social media, The podcast or in our voxer group, YOU get to be a part of the conversation too!

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