Step boldly into who you are and love it!

Growth, leadership, communication, freedom to be yourself unapologetically- this is what being a part of  The Strong and Capable community is all about.

If you are interested in the process of transformation and becoming more, of giving something to the world and to yourself, then welcome home.

You might be wondering- Wait- I thought there was a podcast, and a mastermind, and a podcast course- YES there is! And all of them are built on these 3 foundational principles:

Knowing WHO you are, where you are going and how to get there

With the knowledge of who you are, you get to decide what your identity leads to, where you are going, what is your end goal in living this beautiful life? These can be deep questions but also change our entire approach to life in this community we learn to rewrite old negative beliefs into new foundational healthy beliefs. Now it’s time to build a road map for where you are going and how to get there, life doesn’t get to determine your happiness, you do, knowing how you are getting to your end goal is paramount to a life joyfully lived.

Become FREE to live unapologetically

WHAT? You can be who you are and LOVE that person? When you have a foundational belief and direction, it allows you to see yourself and those who surround you in a healthy way. Purpose filled direction will lead you to places you only dreamed of before. Interactions with family, friends and coworkers become healthy and full of joy. You are able to step back and analyze when things do not go your way or hardship comes along and approach these difficult situations from a place of growth and learning instead of hurt and fear.

IMPACT the world

You are a true shining star, no one is just like you or will ever be just like you. Your life is filled with meaning and purpose. You have passions and knowledge that the world NEEDS. This is my favorite place to be, it’s peaceful, it has ups and downs, but it is EXCITING because you have seen and learned and know that you have many purposes to fill and are ready to L.E.A.D. It’s time, you got this. You are Strong and Capable friend.

Hey there, I’m Brigette!


Hey! I am an adventure-seeking, curious soul whose true passion resides in coaching and cheering you on in mindset, leadership, authenticity, and emotional resilience. My goal is to help you open the door to living a life of joy and adventure.  I use my experience of REAL life leadership positions, motherhood, anxiety, depression, and faith to coach you on how to intentionally create a life you’re dreaming of.

I have 3 independent children, 2 sweet dogs, and have been married to my best friend Mike for 20 years. I MAY have an obsession with anything that glitters and eating tacos as often as I can get away with. HA!

Can’t wait to get to know you! Learn more about my story here.

The Strong and Capable is a show about authenticity, mindset, mental health, leadership, and hope. In this show we talk real, we laugh, we overcome, we evolve, and live AWAKE.

If you are ready to light the spark within and become the leader you’re meant to be, start listening today.

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