Hey there, it’s Brigette Heller, host of The Strong and Capable podcast. If you’ve ever found yourself at a crossroads, wondering, “Now what?”—you’re not alone. We all experience those moments in life when we crave more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to a transformative journey—a journey of personal growth that encompasses all dimensions of who you are—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and in your lifestyle choices.

Let’s not just TALK about your “Now what” moment- lets make a plan to conquer the mountain in front of you so that you can climb it with hope, confidence, peace, and learn as you go to become a stronger, healthier version of you!

What can coaching with Brigette do for me?

A Comprehensive Journey to feeling STRONG and CAPABLE everyday!

As spiritual beings, we understand the importance of a deeper connection with ourselves and a higher purpose. As we talk and I have to opportunity to know your goals and dreams, we will create a plane to embrace personal growth across all aspects of your life. Let’s create a strategy that considers every dimension of your being so you can thrive in every area of your life.

Why Strategic Coaching Matters

✨ Connect Spiritually: Rekindle your connection with God and your loved ones, finding harmony in your daily life.

💡 Overcome Life’s Challenges: Together, we’ll craft a comprehensive plan to conquer obstacles and move forward confidently.

❤️ Nurture Relationships: Discover the power of self-awareness to build deeper, more meaningful connections with those you care about.

🌿 Prioritize Your Well-Being: Embrace self-care, emotional healing, and balanced lifestyle choices that leave a lasting legacy.

🚀 Short-Term Solutions, Long-Term Flourishing: Experience immediate results and lasting transformation as you embrace personal growth on all levels.

As an individual or Together.. the goal is to not just live but Thrive!

As a Strong and Capable client you will find a community of like-minded individuals (Queens Circle/ Strong and Capable FB Page), who accept you exactly as you are and value you as a multidimensional individual with values, passions and a story that is your own. When Hiring me as a coach you will find that I excel in coaching you If you are someone who believes in impacting the world and leaving it better, if you are in a corporate job or business owner and are finding yourself in mid life wondering WHY and HOW your everyday is the way it is- I am passionate about helping you reach your highest potential. Whether you’re navigating a spiritual journey, seeking to strengthen relationships, or growing your business, coaching with me takes a comprehensive, spirit-led approach. Join me on this exhilarating path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

The Strong and Capable Coaching Method

Know who you are:

This is the heart of the program, we work together to create a strong foundation with your personal and brand identity. What are your goals, values and where do you feel stuck? With that information we can create a strategic and focused plan that fits YOUR personality. This is vital to having successful forward movement in your life. I want to collaborate with you to make sure your mindset, spiritual focus and plan fit your lifestyle.

Know where you’re going:

In this part of coaching, we talk with “the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) as we create a plan filled with vision and purpose. seeing who you truly want to become and what you truly want to do within your life, business, relationships and everything else. As a Strong and Capable client you embrace the idea (or learn to) that each phase of life has something to offer and teach you, knowing that it prepares you for the goals and dreams you have ahead of you.

“In the end is my beginning’ (Mary Queen of Scotts)

Know how to get there:

This is all the technical stuff that can feel scary and overwhelming. The goal of this coaching program is to simplify the processes and mindsets, the habits and communication patterns that are keeping you stuck instead of thriving! Each time we coach I will create a folder for you with your videos, vision sheets and plans so that you can watch and refer to them anytime!

Ready to create a plan and conquer this moment in your journey?

Our one-on-one online video coaching sessions will be personalized to meet your unique needs. Wherever you are at in your spiritual journey, status as an employee or not, your relationship with self and everyone else. If you are seeking spiritual alignment, personal growth and change in your life, I welcome you to take to journey of becoming Strong and Capable.

Ready to Embrace Comprehensive Personal Growth? Sign up for coaching today!

Together, let’s unlock your full potential and create a life that aligns with your highest aspirations.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

– Mandy Hale

Meet your Coach:

Hey. I’m Brigette, host of the Strong and Capable Podcast.

My journey is one of being a shy, introverted girl with a dream of making a difference. I felt unseen and unheard my whole life and was scared to take the opportunities that did come my way. I fought depression, anxiety, ADD and struggled to communicate with those who loved me what I needed.

In 2003 I started to learn about how our brains work and what mindset was, how to turn our brains into our super power instead of the thing that held us back. 2010 brought more mental health struggles, exposure to others and learning how to navigate the hardest situations life can offer.

in 2019. I realized I could no longer stay quiet, I had learned too much and come too far to not help the people in my life I cared about. I started The Strong and Capable Podcast and community and became a recognized podcast host within many motivational and entrepreneurial communities not only as an up and coming brand but as an expert in the areas of motivation and mindset which led to coaching, speaking others podcasts, conferences and so much more.

The thing that lights up my life outside of God and my family is to see a fellow human embrace their whole self, equal parts perfect and flawed, begin to love the human staring back in the mirror. To open to door for you to see the journey for what it’s been and take those unique learnings to create a beautiful, impactful life.

I cant wait to work with you and see where your magical journey will lead!

All my love, light and a little glitter- Brigette

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Elenore Roosevelt

Who is this for?

Honestly- if you don’t believe you have something to share with the world, if you are not passionate about anything, if you don’t dream of leaving an impact- my coaching is NOT for you. I help men and women who are ready to face their fears, timeline and anything else holding them back and then kick them out the window and start LIVING the dream.

Each week we will meet through video, I will help you create specific plans or tasks that fit your lifestyle at a pace you are just a LITTLE uncomfortable with to help you achieve success.

When we come together again, we will review what you have done. I get to hear you, see you, cheer you on and create accountability for you and your journey.

My coaching program is made for those who dream of impacting the world, who know that their voice matters and realize that the only person stopping them from progress is the person they see everyday in the mirror. To heal or change, you sometimes need someone to help you see outside of your current view. I want to be that person for you. Do you have the courage to try?

The world needs YOU now, “When I am ready” will never be perfect- Let’s get going today and make your dreams a reality TODAY!

Two Coaching Options

1 Session

Need to work out your thoughts….

1 to 1 – hour long sessions with Brigette Heller using The Strong and Capable Coaching method as the foundation for creating a strategic individual plan

1 Session – $150.00

Individual Coaching package

Define, refine and create the life you want!

  • 1 to 1 – hour long sessions with Brigette Heller using The Strong and Capable Coaching method as the foundation for creating a strategic individual plan
  • Access to all recordings
  • Templates to help you organize your thoughts, overcome your struggles and create an actionable plan.

3 sessions – $250.00

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