Thank you for attending the Sparks of Hope, shooting to success Summit! As Part of the VIP offer you get 1 year to my exculsive Queens Circle Membership for a year- FREE! YOu also get 1 45-minute coaching session with me. Sign up for both below.

Ready to become a Queen?

Have you finally reached the top, the undeniable leader of the mountain only to be wiped out emotionally and worn down physically? Only to feel shame for all you left behind to accomplish it?

Or are you looking for women who are interested in spirituality, personal growth, mindset and honest conversations? Women who will inspire you and see you are the whole, honest human you are? If you interested in being supported and in lifting others, you are meant for the Queens circle.

If you believe that choosing a family doesn’t mean letting go of your passions, but that you can have it all knowing it might look different and only you can define the best way to follow all of your dreams… then this is the club for you.

When you sign up you Get:

Monthly Zoom Call with the Queens Led by Brigette Heller of The Strong and Capable and her fellow Queens

Quarterly book readings and discussion meetings

2x’s a year- 3 day retreats at a special discount cost to QC members

Community, connections and Women who are here to cheer you on!


From mastering the art of confident stage presence to refining your messaging, diving into podcasting, and navigating a myriad of other skills, I am a coach uniquely equipped to unleash your fullest potential. With my guidance, you’ll embark on a journey towards a life you truly adore. This complimentary 45-minute session offers you the opportunity to finally conquer those aspirations you’ve been hesitating on. It’s time to make your dreams a reality.